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Landlord tenant law is largely governed not only by the lease between the landlord and tenant, but also laws that may differ between one city to the next.  Further, there are entirely separate sections of the Florida state law governing residential and commercial landlord tenant law respectively.

Whether landlord or a tenant, please bring a copy of the applicable lease if attending a free initial consultation with our firm.


Landlord Legal Representation

The Law Offices of Jorge Abreu, P.L. will provide counsel to landlords in the following areas of law:

Residential Lease Preparation and Revision

Commercial Lease Preparation and Revision

Residential Eviction

Commercial Eviction

Eviction Defense

Mediation of Claims

If you are a landlord who needs to start the eviction process or attempt to collect unpaid rent or cost of repairing damage to the property, you should consult with an attorney from the Law Offices of Jorge Abreu, P.L. who will help you navigate the legal pitfalls that befall many landlords.


Tenant Legal Representation

We also represent tenants who believe their rights have been infringed upon.  When a tenant is threatened with an eviction, we know it can be the first time many tenants are in this situation.  The Law Offices of Jorge Abreu can assure you that we will make sure your landlord is meeting the legal requirements under Florida law to properly evict you.

Further, if your landlord has not provided you with a safe and habitable residence, ensured that you maintain quiet enjoyment of the property and/or made reasonable repairs, there are processes you can follow to correct these deficiencies.  We will help you get the remedy you need.

Depending on the factual circumstances, it may be possible to extend the time constraints or even fight the validity of the eviction.

We also represent tenants in security deposit disputes.

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