Premises liability is the legal concept where the owner of property is ultimately responsible for any injuries suffered by people on those premises due to negligence.  Although residential homeowners are liable for their properties, business owners have an even higher standard of care owed to customers. This is because businesses specifically invite people onto their property for its own monetary benefit.

Therefore, a slip and fall accident due to a hazardous condition on the floor may occur when spills on the floor are not cleaned up, debris or merchandise block the walkways, wet floors from cleaning not clearly marked, lack of handrails or guardrails, or damage to flooring causing it to be unlevel.

Then there is the often daunting personal injury claims process itself where determining fault, and most importantly, resolving your personal injury claim for a full and fair settlement is difficult if done on your own.  Slip and Fall victims may become a victim again if they do not seek out a personal injury consultation for a free legal evaluation of your claims.

Our managing attorney, Jorge A. Abreu, Esq., knows the physical and financial tolls one encounters recovering from a personal injury accident. Recovery is often a long process where medical expenses mount and the victim does not know their legal rights regarding their injuries. There are many different aspects that must be addressed when evaluating a Personal Injury Claim including but not limited to the extent of the physical injury to the claimant, the determination and apportionment of liability and available insurance coverage.

Before any insurance company contacts you to settle your personal injury claim, contact the Law Offices of Jorge Abreu, P.L. and speak with one of our personal injury attorneys.